How to Fix Windows 10 Startup Error

Fix Windows 10 Startup Error

This is blog post to know how to fix Windows 10 startup error comes while running Windows 10 computers. It is also help in knowing how to change windows 10 startup screen, how to speed windows 10 startup to avoid errors and how to disable fast startup Windows 10. The entire blog post is helpful in knowing the right way of troubleshoot the Windows 10 startup error. To fix the windows 10 startup errors follow the steps given below by experts.

Steps to Windows 10 Startup Errors:

Step 1: Open settings and check update & security.

Step 2: Now click on recovery and go under the “Advanced startup” section

Step 3: Now click the restart now button and wait.

Step 4: A choose option screen will appear click the Troubleshoot button.

Step 5: Now click the advanced options button.

Step 6: Here you have to click the startup repair button and select your account.

Step 7: Now type your account password.

Step 8: Here you need to click the continue button. These steps will take you to resolve the problems causing windows 10 startup error. However if windows 10 startup error is not getting fixed by running this process users need to consult with certified technicians and solve the problems creating such error codes. To get online help dial windows 10 technical support number 1-888-588-4698 and get online assistance by experts and enjoy the trouble-free computing on Windows 10 computer systems.