How to Fix Critical Error in Windows 10

Critical Error in Windows 10

This is to know how to fix windows 10 critical error on various computers. It will help you know how to stop critical error in Windows 10 and how to correct windows 10 critical error with stepwise guidance to troubleshoot the critical error comes at the start menu of Windows 10. The online help service is also available right here to fix various types of critical errors comes at the start menu while using the Windows 10 computers. 

Steps to Fix Windows 10 Critical Error:

Step 1: Hold down the Shift Key and power button to start your computer.

Step 2: Now you can select troubleshoot, advanced options, startup settings and restart.

Step 3: Here you have to reboot by selecting F5 for ‘Safe Mode with networking’.

Step 4: Now sign into your Microsoft account and reboot your machine normally.

Step 5: Here you need to check if error comes move next steps.

Step 6: Now Navigate to Settings, Accounts and Your account.

Step 7: Here you have to select family & other users and then add new user.

Step 8: Now create an account and log into Windows using it.

Step 9: If error gone, log out of the account and log back in using your original account.

Step 10: Finally delete this newly created account if Windows now works properly.

windows 10 critical error start menu

These steps are very effective in troubleshooting the windows 10 critical error you just need to follow them step-by-step to solve this problem remotely. If any step is not working, you need to contact with an expert. And to get online help call 1-888-588-4698 at Windows 10 technical support number and allow the remote access to check and fix the issue remotely by the experts. These online help service is also available to solve the various other issues on windows 10 computers.